Rwanda, Africa
Please support us to show love for the homeless kids in Rwanda. We seek to evangelize, feed, clothe, and educate them. We are there only hope!
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By Sawado

ASIA W.O.R.D. is focused on the children: providing food, education and medical care to orphans - and we need your continued help. EMERGENCY NEED FOR END OF YEAR 2018: 250 BIBLES FOR LAOS AND 500 BIBLES FOR CAMBODIA!
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United States
A Gold Star Kid is a child that has lost his father or mother as a military casualty. Please help us in providing aid in its many forms to them.
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We are needing partners to continue winning souls through our evangelistic campaigns, HIV Womens Center, Street Kids Feeding Program and church planting activities.
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United States
Our Commission Box staff assess world mission campaigns to identify those in need of emergency funds. Please consider giving to this fund so that all times we have the ability to meet these emergency requests.
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Many children lose their parents due to HIV-AIDS-related illness, fires, abandonment, and many other reasons.  These funds will help to evangelize, feed, clothe, assist with medical, and educate orphan children in Cambodia.
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Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique
My name is Chrissy Lukanga and I am a missionary living in Mozambique. I am an evangelist working around the area of Pemba. In order for me to work as a full time evangelist I need to raise support for my familys living expenses. We are in need of $300 a month. Please prayerfully consider being our partner.
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Bombardopolis, Nord-Ouest Department, Haiti
We are in a desperate need to feed our orphans located at the Jerusalem Childrens Home Orphanage in Bombardopolis Haïti.
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The Vulnerable Child Support Mission -Uganda project is an intervention intended to support the needy children from Ngora District in Uganda with the aim of improving livelihood, reducing the rates of suffering, stigma and strengthening the Christian faith a amongst believers of Ngora community.
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