Goma, DRC
We continue to need your assistance for the orphans food, clothes and training ministry in the whole Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.
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Calcutta, West Bengal, India
While the economy of India continues to grow rapidly, hundreds of millions of people across the country still live with poverty, malnutrition, unhygienic living conditions, and without access to clean drinking water. About a third of the worlds poor live in India, battling blatant gender and class inequalities to climb out of poverty. Safe drinking water and improved sanitation can give these families a chance for healthier, happier lives. Water is a precious thing, many people overseas take the availability to get water for granted but in India it is a very necessity item to the average people and is not readily available. With clean water in a village, you can bless an entire group with health and a hope for the future!
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South India
Digging a ground well for irrigation
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
One of our most successful evangelism tools is the sports ministry. It is not unusual to win as many as 100 youth to Christ at each of our events. We need assistance is buying the T-shirts, water bottles, rice boxes, discipleship curriculum, and soccer balls.
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By Sihok

United States
Our Commission Box staff assess world mission campaigns to identify those in need of emergency funds. Please consider giving to this fund so that all times we have the ability to meet these emergency requests.
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Bombardopolis, Nord-Ouest Department, Haiti
We are in a desperate need to feed our orphans located at the Jerusalem Childrens Home Orphanage in Bombardopolis Haïti.
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